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Young Life Austria: Out there in the world of kids

Why do we need Young Life?

What is the actual state of today's generation of young people? This is a question asked by many people who come into contact with our work. What do you think about it? From a material point of view, it may be true that many young people in Austria are well provided for. But what does it look like on the inside? Many of them are experiencing a world that is becoming increasingly complex, heavily influended by social media. They are searching for belonging, hope and a fulfilled life with a deeper meaning, but often experience loneliness, rejection and emptiness. In their families of origin, they often do not find the recognition, affirmation and orientation that they desperately need, especially in their teenage years. They also do not know where they can find people who can be a valuable companion to them. This is exactly where Young Life's model of outreach focused, relational youth ministry comes into play.

Empowering young people:

Knowing that young people won't come to us on their own, Young Life leaders intentionally go into their environments: School grounds, soccer courts, parks, fast food restaurants, the university campus - wherever they are. There, in their world, we build personal relationships of trust with them, often become their mentors and share the Christian message of a God who loves them. Regardless of their response, approach them with unconditional love, acceptance, and companionship. Instead of remaining in unhealthy patterns of seeking recognition or status, they learn to live healthy and empowered lives.

We also encourage young people to make a positive difference in their communities themselves: In our service clubs and at our service camps, they learn in a very tangible way how fulfilling and motivating it is to use their own potential to help and serve people in their own neighborhood. Christian charity takes on a very practical and social dimension here.

Together for a better tomorrow.

Empowering young people is a goal we can only achieve together. Only where staff, volunteers and donors join together in our cause, our goal becomes achievable: To give today's generation of young people the chance for a better tomorrow. We believe that the Christian faith can change people and their circumstances through practical charity.

We need you and your support! You can get involved in a very concrete way and make a difference so that young people no longer remain trapped in their lack of prospects, but can experience understanding, recognition, hope, community and orientation and thus develop their full potential. Will you join us?



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